Wrist Tool Lanyard (Spiral) Buckle Fastening


The (Spiral) buckle fastening wrist tool lanyard is manufactured by Leading Edge in the UK.  The design provides excellent user flexibility from the coil reach and retraction, while minimising snagging and tripping associated hazards. The wrist lanyard benefits from both ends having swivelling end terminations, thus preventing twisting and connector failure with intensive use. This can be critical in applications such as scaffolding where the user is turning the tool continually i.e. a podger, ratchet etc. The reinforced coil design dampens the impact force generated from a dropped tool, reducing wrist loading associated stress issues.  All Leading Edge wrist lanyards have a unique safety release expansion joint, preventing de-gloving in an accident.  The design makes it possible for the wrist strap to come free in an emergency releasing the hand from becoming drawn into potential hazards should their tool/lanyard become caught up, for example, in rotating machinery.  The expansion joint is available in two options i.e. full expansion and a half expansion joint.