Wrist Tool Lanyard (D Ring & Elastic) Buckle Fastening


The (D Ring & Elastic) buckle fastening wrist tool lanyard is made by Leading Edge in the UK.
Uniquely developed to combine the benefits of a wrist lanyard (permits easy tool pick-up, ideally suited for single tool repetitive use) and advantages of an elasticated lanyard (reduces tripping, snagging hazards and lowers impact force from dropped tool loading) without the need for additional belts, belt loops, holsters and lanyards etc.
The design incorporates a special feature in only requiring the use of one hand to self-fit and adjust. All Leading Edge wrist lanyards have a unique safety release expansion joint, preventing de-gloving in an accident.
The design makes it possible for the wrist strap to come free in an emergency releasing the hand from becoming drawn into potential hazards should their tool/lanyard become caught up, as an example in rotating machinery.
The expansion joint is available in two options i.e. full expansion and a half expansion joint.


  • Elasticated design reduces tripping, snagging hazards and lowers 
    impact force from dropped tool loading
  • Lanyard lengths available:  30cm / 60cm
  • Lanyard stretch:  30cm expands to 40cm, 60cm to 90cm
  • Supplied with aluminium D-ring (c/w reinforced eye) and adjustable wrist strap
  • D-Ring allows direct tool attachment via a connector
  • Safety release feature using a expansion link (prevents de-gloving in an accident)
  • Configured to allow fitting and adjustment with only one hand operation
  • Designed to be suitable for all-day intensive wearing (comfortable and lightweight) 
  • Rated for hand tools up to 5kgs (Dynamically tested - see ‘testing pages’ for more info).
    Rating using a 2:1 safety factor
  • Individually serialised for clear easy inspection, full traceability and control
  • Issued with a ‘Declaration of Conformity’ product certificate and ‘Final Inspection’ sheet
  • Lanyard weight: 0.04kgs (without connectors)
  • Electrical Conductivity and Resistivity Test*: Dry >200 Giga-ohms / Wet >10 Mega-ohms
    *Wiring regulations (BS7671).  Live working hand tools (EN 60900)
  • Wrist lanyard made from premium tubular polyester webbing, industrial
      grade elastic tape, aluminium D-ring, marine grade buckle, finished to a high standard
  • Twin elastic tapes are used inside every lanyard for improved operational
    performance and durability
  • Manufactured at our height safety product factory in the UK

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