Practical Tool Tethering

Tool Tethering Site Service

(1 Day - Service ) 40 Tools Tetherd, Certified & Logged (Based On Typical Tool Complexity)

No Need to Replace Expensive Tools

Many contractors and business owners resist safely tethering of tools at height because they falsely believe they will have to spend a lot of money replacing expensive items. Nothing could be further from the truth.

By choosing to have you existing tools modified making them suitable for working at height saves costs associated with replacing your current tools. Combined with the difficulties in finding (if available) suitable alternative tools that are specifically rated to work with tool lanyard rating and system compatibility.

Our tethering solutions are compatible with almost every tool on the market. Where necessary we will even modify a tool to make it safe. You'll be able to continue using the tools you've always used; only now they will be protected from falling should they be dropped at height.

We can tether your common tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, pliers, and measuring and marking tools. For more difficult non-standard tools, we can provide customized solutions that will tether them with equal safety in mind. Because we utilize only industry experts, you will always be provided with the safest and most efficient tethering options possible. We use a combination of tethers, holsters, and lanyards to create the optimal solution for each tool.

Want Your Tools Tethered and Certified?

Do you want your tethering carried out professionally by the tool safety manufacture? Leading Edge will come to your site and identify appropriate tool tether solutions which are the most suitable for your specific hand tools based on the following criteria:

Tool Example (A) Podger - Based on application suitability, holstering requirement and harsh environment, we would specify and fit a Hex Lock Shackle. Type, size and configuration would be specific to the tool. This would allow lanyard fitting whilst facilitate the podger being able to be holstered i.e. the shackle will freely slide up the shaft to the head, thus accommodating the podger being placed downwards into the tool frog without tether obstruction.

Tool Example (B) Engineers Pliers - Based on handle arrangement and integrity, application etc., we would specify and fit a Universal Tether. Type, size and configuration would be specific to the tool. This would provide suitable tethering anchorage, providing optimal configuration for the handle profile, tool weight and ergonomic usage.

Fitting & Certification

Your tools will be fitted by a fully competent and certified Leading Edge employee. By having our engineer apply the correct tool tether solution ensures the tools integrity when connected to your choice of lanyard, this eliminates the need for you to have your company personnel trained, or have them potentially make inappropriate selections and fitting (if not trained and competent).

Why Use Leading Edge to Provide This Tethering Service

The benefit to you of having Leading Edge perform this service as an external third party body is no unnecessary and inappropriate tethering purchase, i.e. only charged for what is used and fitted (Type /quantity).

At the end of the site visit our engineers will raise a certificate and tool log register. This will detail what tools have been tethered, by tool type and tool serial number, along with quantity and type of tethering fitted, across all tools used throughout the site visit. Your elected site contact will verify and sign to show validation.

You will have "Peace of Mind" that the manufacturer has fitted the tethers i.e. modified the tools to be suitable and fit for purpose for working at height through:

What Tools Are Covered By This Service

The type of tools covered by this service includes all powered and non-powered hand tools, this includes but is not limited to the following scope of tools:

Custom Design - OEM Tailor-Made Service

If you have non-standard items that require tethering or holstering, we can accommodate custom solutions, example: Radios / Meters etc. We strive to go the extra mile by providing our customers with a tailored solution. By having a very large range of tool safety products, we can offer the perfect tool configuration. Because Leading Edge is the manufacturer, if we don't have something that's compatible, we will endeavour to design and make it, providing a specific tool solution.

Location - On-Site or Off-Site

Our tethering experts will come directly to your job site or another site if it's necessary to minimize downtime or prevent work disruption, or you can send your tools to our factort in Gosport for tethering. Wherever you need your tools tethered, we can accommodate you within reason. We can also come back to your site 12 months following your initial certification for a re-inspection and recertification. By having an annual on-site assessment and recertification you will always assured that your tools are properly tethered and your job site is as safe as possible.

When tool tethering is carried out at your site or chosen location it minimises disruption and possible downtime, helping you to maintain productivity. Or if preferable you can ship your tool items to our factory in Gosport.


A recertification service is available for tools tethered after 12 months from date of tethering. Please see 'Inspection Site Service' for details of this Leading Edge service.

Booking Detail

Service: 1 Day On-Site Tool Tether Fitting Service (Approx. 40 x tools tethered, certified and logged based on typical tool complexity)

Duration: 1 Day (7hrs)

Location: Site* or if preferable you can ship your tool items to our factory in Gosport

Price: 795.00 + VAT*

*Subsistence: Site locations geographically above Birmingham will be charged with an additional 150.00 travel cost and subsistence

Tether Costs: Tethers will be charged at RRP (less your trade discount if applicable), invoiced retrospectively post site service visit based on quantity / types fitted against tool log and certification documentation. This is completed by us at site and signed off by an elected representative of your company, as specified in your booking
form administration.

* Certification and tool log register will be released and issued following payment of invoice for consumables used.