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Introducing Our Tool Tethering and Inspection Site Services

If you've taken the time to investigate our website you are undoubtedly concerned with job site safety and the securing of tools for at height work. So first, we want to congratulate you for taking the time to make the effort to be safe. Second, we would like to introduce you to our new tool tethering and inspection site services. These services bring industry professionals to your job site; professionals who are well-versed in at height safety risks and can properly tether and inspect your tools safety equipment for there ultimate safety.

This half and one-day service will result in a safety risk assessment and approximately 40 tools being tethered, certified, and catalogued, or in the case of tool safety inspection all your Leading Edge tool safey products will be inspected an re-certified. At the end of the day your job site will not be the same. Not only that, but your workers will learn some proper safety procedures by watching what we do. Combined with our two safety training courses, this experience could prove invaluable in preparing your workers to always practice proper safety procedures.

Job site safety is a must in today's age of advanced construction techniques. Don't risk the safety of your workers or customers by failing to properly secure your tools and equipment. If you need assistance in making your site safer, we are happy to help.