Practical Tool Tethering

On-Site Inspection Service

Worker safety is of utmost importance on any job site, especially sites that involve at height work. That's why Leading Edge strives to provide you with the absolute best safety equipment and solutions for your needs. We offer everything from tool bags to lanyards to specialized trade kits, as a means of making sure your tools and equipment will never put anyone else at risk. However, in order for safety to be maximized on your site, you need a safety inspection every six months. To that end, Leading Edge is proud to provide our on-site inspection service.

Only a Leading Edge inspector can properly inspect your Leading Edge equipment with the knowledge to ensure it is being used correctly and safely. Our inspectors come to your site and check everything sold and serviced by us. All safety equipment that passes our rigorous inspection, including being deemed appropriate for the particular type of work being done, will receive an official inspection tag. Equipment that does not pass our testing will be included in a list sent to the appropriate office so that proper action may be taken.

Equipment Is Only As Good As Safety Practices

Having an inspection every six months may seem like a bit much, but keep in mind that the effectiveness of safety equipment is in direct a portion to the safety practices being employed by workers. Furthermore, construction trades are notorious for heavy employee turnover. This means you could theoretically have an entirely new crew of workers six months after the initial certification. If those workers have not been properly trained in safety procedures, or they misunderstand the point of tool tethering, they may not use the equipment you have properly.

The other thing to consider is the fact that no safety equipment or system is perfect. Leading Edge certainly strives to only provide the highest quality equipment to its customers. Nonetheless, things do break and malfunction from time to time. A safety inspection helps to identify potential risks and possible breakdowns before they happen. Such identifications make the job site safer for you, your workers, and your customers.

At Height Regulations

When it comes to regulations governing at height to work in the UK, they are pretty specific in the area of protecting workers and tools from falls. Sites that are not in compliance with regulations could face stiff penalties if they're caught. Furthermore, if one of these companies suffers an accident which causes injury or death to a worker, the penalties will be even more severe. Our site inspection service ensures that all of your Leading Edge equipment is in compliance with regulations. We can also advise you in corrective action for equipment that does not meet standards.

Why This Is Necessary

If you're wondering why all of this is necessary you only need look at some of the more common principles of physics. This science, which is the study of energy and objects in motion, clearly shows that acceleration adds force to any object that is falling. That means that the tool dropped from four or five stories could become potentially deadly if it strikes someone on the ground. A claw hammer, for example, could kill someone wearing a hard hat if it was dropped from a distance of just four stories.

In today's world of high-rise buildings and high-pressure construction jobs, it's more important than ever to make sure all tools are secured at height. The same can be said about other industries such as oil and gas, utility line maintenance, and so on. With the safety of workers and customers at risk there is no plausible excuse to be unsafe on the job site. Leading Edge has been providing you with all the equipment you need to keep your tools secure. Now we also offer a quality inspection service to make sure your Leading Edge equipment is safe and up to standard.

Full or Half Day

Customers interested in this service can contact Leading Edge to schedule an appointment. You can book either an entire day of 7 hours, or just a half day of 3.5 hours. Please call well in advance for semi-annual recertification inspections, in order that we might get to your site before expiration.